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Co-Creating The Future of Project Management and Strategy Implementation

Tuesday, October 23, 3 PM ET

Spend five minutes in project management and you’ll understand why many project management professionals’ (PMPs) best day is when nothing goes wrong! The entire industry understands that it’s time to move away from firefighting to fire prevention. So, what will the future of project management look like? How will we move from the tactical doing to more strategic thinking? How will PMPs elevate their business acumen to think, discuss, and prioritize their investments towards outcomes (business results) vs. input (9-steps, 14 boxes, and countless project plans) which although important, matters a great deal less. We believe there are better ways and project management as a profession, must focus on strategy execution – which by the way, consistently eludes even the best global organizations and their project teams! Join Global Thinkers50 2017 Distinguished Achievement Award recipient for Ideas in Practice, Antonio Nieto-Rodrigues, founder Jennifer Bridges, and Best-Selling author of Relationship Economics and Co-Create, David Nour as we explore the evolution of project management and strategy implementation.