1. Co-Create

helps organizations and individuals to work better, faster, and smarter, all while successfully navigating change and increasing buy-in. The principles of Co-Create offer professionals a way of working together that utilizes their strengths, mitigates weaknesses, and teaches them to network strategically and mindfully to achieve their collective goals.

2. Relationship Economics

is the art and science of relationships and their quantifiable value in the business world. By identifying, building, nurturing, and leveraging personal and professional relationships, you can revolutionize the way you do business.

3. Adaptive Innovation

refers to knowing how to make mistakes, where to make them, and how to learn and recover as quickly as possible. Which companies have a firm grasp of what Adaptive Innovation can do? Those who want to deliver maximizing production capacity for innovative products and services, who want to bypass traditional delivery mechanisms to reduce time and cost to market, who desire to drive value in buyer/seller interactions, and who want to proactively leverage insights for the network.

4. Return on Impact

isn’t about Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube. It’s about socially enabling organizations to listen louder, think faster, and respond to changing market dynamics, helping them reinvent, adapt, and relate in new and powerful ways.